Our goal is to provide our homeowners with a superior level of service, so they never have to toss and turn to wonder if they're getting the most out of their vacation management experience.

We are committed to transparent owner communication and go above and beyond to ensure our homeowners can enjoy their property as much as their guests.

Our skilled, local team expertly utilizes technical tools to provide high-profit ratios for property partners using the latest in modern marketing.

We capitalize on an extensive list of past guests and excel at marketing our properties on the most popular third-party booking sites such as Airbnb and VRBO.
  • Transparent communication
    Stay connected with your property through our online owner portal that provides you with an up-to-the-minute booking calendar, owner statements, and more.

  • No nickel-and-diming
    We pride ourselves in offering value to our homeowners and don’t believe in nickel and diming. You’ll never be surprised by unexpected bills and don’t have to pay for minor scheduled repairs. We also don’t charge any onboarding or startup fees!
  • Amazing homeowners perks
    We want our homeowners to be able to enjoy their homes as a guest and not just an owner. Property owners can stay WHENEVER they want and only pay half the price for cleaning services.
  • Hands-on revenue management
    We take a hands-on approach to revenue management to ensure your property gets personal attention. We cross-reference all our pricing software to make sure your home is priced for profit every day of the year.
  • Modern marketing
    We use the latest technology to market your property for success. We send monthly emails to our extensive past guest database. We are experts at utilizing the most popular third-party booking sites to ensure your home gets the best visibility and occupancy.
We rank well above the market average in occupancy and profit for our properties
See what our homeowners say:
Chris and Shannon
The owners of Natapine
We were at our wits-end in some respects before we switched to you at the beginning of the year and were wondering if we could successfully keep renting our place. It feels good to have confidence again that the people that are managing it show the same level of investment that we feel in it.

Just wanted to pass on a note to let you know how much Shannon and I have appreciated the work and effort Love Leavenworth have put forth at our place. It has been really easy working with everyone on the team and it is evident that they are well coordinated.

Specifically, all the little repairs have made a big difference (even the front slider is fixed), the place feels clean and organized when you enter (even the kitchen cabinets are organized) and the additional information provided throughout is a nice touch.

Tom P. 
The owner of Moonlight Serenade
Because it is a local company Love Leavenworth knows Leavenworth, they know the rental market, they know all about responsiveness and they know everything from A-Z about property care.

As owners of a rental cabin in Leavenworth, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have begun working with the folks at Love Leavenworth Vacation Rentals. We have been working with Love Leavenworth for well over four years now and the relationship is thriving. We could not be more pleased with the outcome to date. 

Last but certainly not least they understand what it takes to make a rental a success. We could not be happier with the staff at Love Leavenworth that make this relationship so easy, fun, and lucrative. If you have a property in the Leavenworth or Plain area and you are considering putting your home in the vacation rental pool do yourself a favor and speak with the great folks at Love Leavenworth. 

Camille G.
 The owner of Rogue Shores
This beloved Lake Wenatchee cabin was built by my father some 40 years ago. Love Leavenworth treat the cabin as if it were their own, taking care of maintenance and repair needs as issues arise in a professional and timely manner always keeping in mind the need to keep costs at a minimum.

First of all, the family would likely not be able to keep the cabin without the help and management of Lori, Sean, and all the wonderful staff at Love Leavenworth.  
Recently Love Leavenworth coordinated a needed remodel/upgrade, including finding contractors, taking bids, ordering supplies and materials. All taken care of with little input from us.

And may I add the Love Leavenworth staff is always available to us for every need that arises. 

Rusty and Amanda
The owners of Aspen Meadow Retreat and Art House
We always get rave reviews on our two rental homes and we attribute that all to Love Leavenworth. They are always on top of it with fast and professional communication with the guests.

They keep us up to date on home maintenance and upkeep. They make finances and taxes a breeze. They respond to issues onsite within minutes.

They have a large enough team and network that everything always gets done and we don’t have to worry about a thing! We couldn’t be happier with Love Leavenworth.
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